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NYASA’s Rabba is a fine example of Indian contemporary folk: Score Indie Reviews

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Pune-based band Nyasa’s latest single Rabba is a work of some fine Punjabi lyrics to ponder upon, in the same vein as other bards like Rabbi Shergill. But aside from singer and guitarist Nilesh Salunkhe’s poetic vocals, the band’s production makes Rabba stand out.The song starts with mellow shehnai sounds that eventually fuses with an electronic after-chorus, ultimately leading to a tabla-filled interlude.

Nyasa shows through this song that they aren’t afraid to experiment with the old and new while creating their music.The lyrics might be quite familiar to other modern sufi and folk songs but other than that, Rabba hardly gives viewers anything to complain about. It’s a philosophical work of fusion that breaks away from the usual cliches and sets a new precedent for folk fusion music in the country.

Verdict: Rabba is a divine song suited for those who listen to Indian folk and fusion.

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