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Kevin Fernando announces that he’s here to stay with new single King Has Arrived – Score Indie Reviews

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Kevin Fernando has indulged in various genres in his career so far ranging from indiepop to indie-rock to even electronica. In his new single, King Has Arrived, the Chennai-born singer and songwriter explores the realm of hip-hop. 
King Has Arrived is exactly what the title suggests. The song functions as a bold statement, a self-proclaimation that he is here to stay and he has earned his right to hold the crown. Even the song’s cover art is suggestive of the same as it features an illustrated Kevin sitting moodily, a crown tilting over his head. 

While Fernando’s flow is on point and it does make for a fast-paced, vibe-inducing track, there’s still a slight derivative element. Be it in the West or back home in India, the theme of being a “king” at what you do has been slightly overdone. Songs such as American MC’s Make Way For The King or Delhi-based rapper Smoke’s Banne Aaya King bear testimony to this. You might not have necessarily heard these examples but you will get the clue that being the “greatest” and a “king” is quite a repeated trope in semi-autobiographical genres like rap. 

With that being said, it is worth mentioning that King Has Arrived does mark a tonal shift for Fernando. This is not just in terms of the sonics of the genre but also the lyrical elements. With his recent releases, it is quick to assume that Fernando can stick to a soulful “nice guy” formula. 

But here, he asserts his dominance, implying that he too has what it takes to be a memorable artist in the Indian music space. And obviously, his work does speak for himself. If this was his debut track, people would have mixed feelings. However, with enough hits to his name, Fernando is on his “kingly” way. 
Verdict- A bold and interesting shift in sound for Fernando. 

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