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Shubham Kabra – Ek Aangana is Thought Provoking: Score Indie Reviews

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Ek Aangana is a thought provoking and telling statement on the severity of the crimes that are committed against the girl child. It aims at spreading awareness about girl child abortion and to empower women in India. It is a clarion call to join the fight with its appeal “Ek Aangana mein ek phool khila, tune usse kyun cheen liya?” Its warm yet poignant melody has garnered the interest of many young singer songwriters on social media, who regularly partake in live videos with Shubham to sing along with him.

Playing an acoustic guitar well is an exercise in precision, clarity, and more often than not, great songwriting. There are no effects pedals to hide under and no distortion to make up for your mistakes. What you play, is what people hear. Acoustic songs have the ability to bare the soul of a songwriter to listeners. Does “Ek Aangna” do that? Well, let’s find out.

“Ek Aangna” starts with a simple acoustic strum that forms the rhythmic backbone of the entire song. Musically, the track’s arrangement is quite minimal with just a soft layer of keyboards over the acoustic guitar. It’s Shubham Kabra’s voice that (literally) does all the talking. 

“Ek Aangna” is the sound of a man whose heart is severely bruised by the atrocities being faced by girl children (born and unborn) in his country. That is perhaps as complete a description of this track as we can summon. He is distraught by the pain and suffering endured by the little girls in his country and this song is his way of saying “why is it still happening and when will it stop”?

With “Ek Aangana”, Shubham Kabra has proven himself to be a phenomenal talent capable of infinite emotional depth. His incredible abilities make him extremely qualified to deliver this beautifully composed allegory with remarkable ease. “Ek Aangna” is a beautifully played piece of smart social commentary from a man who has seen and had enough of this rotten evil pervading through his society. Will it make a difference? Who knows? But it doesn’t really matter. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Verdict: Pretty, Poignant, Purposeful.

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