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‘Jaan Baaki’ by Shubham Kabra is a tune that wears its heart on its sleeves – Score Indie Reviews

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Our personal experiences always play a large role in how we lead our lives and unfortunately, not all of them are positive. But we can always find ways to perceive them in a positive light. Shubham Kabra’s release ‘Jaan Baaki’ tries to highlight that. Drenched in emotion, it paints a picture about a grieving woman missing her other half. He tackles themes of personal grief and the idea of an eternal love, all in a way which tries to be as honest as it possibly can be. 

His personal struggle with the loss of his grandparents fuelled this song’s inception and the level of emotional depth present is conveyed very poignantly to the audiences. It tells a story beyond just what the lyrics say.

The emotional aura of the song is really what drives it to create a brilliant work of music. The deeper the personal connect with the art, the better it allows us to express what we feel. So he really gives the listener a glimpse into his emotions and heart. All while being accompanied by a serene folk soundscape.

Any work of art can transcend its medium and go on to be something more. And that depends on numerous factors. But Shubham’s work here really does a phenomenal job of proudly showing its emotions to the world and it helps create something that goes beyond just a song and lyrics.

Its a journal of emotions and a story that parallels one in real life and that emotional depth, really hits listeners, as it does the artist when they write it.  

Verdict: Emotional and serene.

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