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‘DISCONNECT’ is Pragnya Wakhlu’s funky take on what’s a grim reality – Score Indie Reviews

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We’re probably reading this through a phone or a computer sitting in…..wherever you are right now. And it may be a hypocritical statement to say ‘you spend too much time on your phone’ when the reality is, almost everything we do is heavily dependent on our phones. When was the last time we had a work day without a phone? So we have Pragnya Wakhlu who talks about an interesting idea that has taken over the Internet lately; the ‘metaverse’. 

The musical approach to it all, is really interesting and fitting in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. This blurs the lines between what is traditionally ‘rap’ and adopts a unique approach in the name of ‘spoken word’. While this kind of music has been attempted before, it wasn’t done so in this context. The tune also employs the sonic capabilities of some very real instruments.

And you can trust that the bassline keeps it real. The groove of the bassline is enough to have you hooked onto the tune (like your phone). Pragnya’s vocals and lyrical genius shine through the entire track. While the chorus or main hook can seem repetitive, it is redeemed by some really interesting and intricate guitar lines and drum grooves. 

While the concept is something that is quite polarising, Pragnya’s interpretation of it and execution is phenomenal. It is a really fun tune that can get you up and dancing.

tBut it also delivers the goods in terms of real thought-provoking conversations that need to be had in a digital oriented society like ours. Its a great tune that’s worth listening to over and over again. 

Verdict: Funky, Groovy and thought-provoking.

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