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Shubham Kabra and Avanti Nagral weave a bittersweet ode to childhood with Bachpan – Score Indie Reviews

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Just a few months back, Shubham Kabra had dropped the remarkable EP Seher that explored his takes on modern love and the little things in life. Now, he is back with a collaboration with Avanti Nagral, a folk duet titled Bachpan. 

As is obvious from the track’s reference to childhood, this March release is an ode to the simpler times of the yesteryear. Starting out with the chitter-chatter of kids, the song blends Kabra and Nagral’s vocals for a comforting yet mellow sound. 

This is what makes Bachpan interesting. From the previous history of musical childhood dedication songs being overtly merry and nostalgic to the track’s single art featuring children playing in the rain, one is most likely to expect Bachpan a sugarcoated offering of a song. 

Instead, Kabra delights with a more introspective take on the theme. Yes, Bachpan has its lyrical moments of cherished memories but it also touches upon self-reminiscent lamentations of the past. Such was the charm of that time that now it is impossible to recreate those memories. 

Bachpan serves as that reminder of the golden age with thematic and lyrical elements that are way better than other “odes to childhood” in the indie-pop genre. So, in case you were wishing to listen to a simple Hindi track with a bittersweet message, then Shubham Kabra and Avanti Nagral’s collab can make for a good listen. 

Verdict: Celebration of the wonder years. 

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