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Shubha Mudgal feat. Business Class Refugees & Ursula Rucker – No Strangers Here.


EarthSync have just released their collaborative musical effort, that brings together the poetry laden reverb of Shubha Mudgal’s voice, Philadelphian Ursula Rucker’s penetrative spoken words, and the groove epiphanies of the Business Class Refugees. It’s No Stranger Here

Shubha Mudgal revisits her own classical Bhakti leanings, with acid jazz embellishments, as well as the street wisdom that Rucker seems to bring along. The album name hints at the close continuum of familiar human cravings of love, pain and ecstasy, that roil in the sounds created here, but have lived long since the Bhakti movement between the 6th and 17th century. It is the artistic noire of sublimation.

Sonya from EarthSync tells us about how recording the album was both, arduous and enriching. “It took us two years to record the album. Not that we were recording everyday. But getting this together was also an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience.”

The idea for the album can be traced back to their collective desire to collaborate with Shubha Mudgal, reveals Sonya, who also partners Yotam Agam, one half of Business Class Refugees, at EarthSync. “I just love her voice and her repertoire. She’s one of my favourite artists”.

Within 24 hours of the launch of their debut effort, she must also answer queries on the future of the project. There are plans; “We’re thinking of live shows. I think it’ll be a great idea to get these musicians together on stage”. Which is true, considering the depth and variety of sounds emanating from this put-together.

But aside from the media-driven hoopla, EarthSync have tried to further the artistic proliferation by inviting works of willing visual artists, i.e photographers, filmmakers, painters, who can tap into the deluge of undertones and overtones in the music and paraphrase it within their own sensibilities.

If your work speaks out loud enough to the powers that be, it might even be incorporated in one of those probable ‘No Stranger Here’ concerts yet to happen. Get the details here

There is a lot of happening on this brand new album, all self conscious yet forgiving. You shouldn’t be missing out on this, for the sake of a soul.

And here’s a preview of the album and a lot more. 

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