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Gig Review :: Thermal & A Quarter :: Dec 9th, HRC, Bangalore

Why it’s a Thursday night! And the only way to stop telling yourself that there is still another day to go before the week ends, is to keep chanting  “Thermal and a Quarter tonight”!

And that’s exactly how it seemed for most parts of the audience, at HRC just to listen to TAAQ and unwind. Blues night at Hard Rock Café means a packed scene, with patient audiences who very well know that they’re going to go home fully satisfied.   

After much accumulation in numbers, the gig did start off eventually, with audiences waking up to a zooming Harley Davidson sound track and before they were even asked “Haaayall doing tonaait?”, they knew they weren’t going to be disappointed. 

To start off the blues night they played “The Same Old Colour Of My Misery”, very effectively not making it sound “same old”. Before audiences got up and gave in to the music they had played, there was “Sunset Plan”, most appropriately played for a cold blues Thursday night. This was followed by “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”.

See, only TAAQ can be excused for changing songs like that and still getting you to smile! Bruce Lee Mani took center stage and he never ceased to live up to the audience’s expectation.

And being typically proud Bangaloreans, the ‘to-my-Bangalore’ dedication for the night was “Meter Mele One And A Half”. Little did the auto drivers outside HRC know what celebrities they are- providing inspiration to Thermal and Quarter.  Although no obvious birthday celebrations at HRC that night, they went on to sing a song titled “Birthday”– dedicating it to an old friend. 


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