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Shrilektrified In India!

London-based breakbeat pop artist, Shri, is on his way to India again. We say again, because this will be his second trip to the subcontinent this year.

The first time he was here, he appeared on an episode of The Dewarists, alongside Monica Dogra and Rajasthan Roots, besides playing a gig at Bonobo in Mumbai, with Nandini Srikar and Vivek Rajagopalan, as Shrilektric.

Almost more of the same this time around, except his two-gig week in Mumbai will be wound up with a showing at the Sunburn Festival in Goa on the 28th of December, 9 pm onwards.

The first Mumbai gig will feature a return of Shrilektric, with Nandini Srikar and Vivek Rajagopalan in tow, and Lindsay D’Mello on the drums. They will be headliners at Blue Frog on 13th December, while the next Shri concert follows up at NCPA on the 16th, featuring mandolin legend U Srinivas.

U Srinivas is also slated to appear with Shri on an episode of MTV Roots. Shri will be on one more episode of the show – this time, jamming with Shanker Tucker.

It’s all happening. Here’s a little something about Shrilektric to get you going –   

[youtube_video id=lwgQm0D1qlI]

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