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Dark Helm At The Helm


It might be a long road to Headbanger’s Ball for most Indian metallists, but it’s getting shorter all the time. Pune based thrash metal savants, Dark Helm, became the latest to be signed on by an international record label, when they inked a deal with LA-based Itchy Records for the release of their debut album, Persepolis.

Persepolis had been in the pipelines for a while; it was only held back by the insufficiencies of the indie music supply chains. Which is true, but Dark Helm knew what their music was worth and went hunting online for a willing record label with the necessary resources.

Bassist Shubhrayu De describes how that entailed a search for similar indie bands in the States and Europe, and subsequently getting in touch with their record labels. Itchy Records – home to Shotguns N Gasoline and Apothesary – answered the call with a full-fledged deal.

The album is already online, digitized and ready at Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody and other online retail stores to be clicked off the shelf. The track listing is –

1: 539 B.C.
2: Warcry
3: Sands Within
4: Cymbeline
5: Persepolis
6: Borrowed Time
7: Jaffar
8: Cyrus
9: Origins I (The Prophecy)
10: Origins II (Endings)
11: III

27th December is when the album will be officially released in India. Till then, here’s one for the road.

[youtube_video id=ylyP1Wg83uw] 

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