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How to Convince Your Organisation to Send You to The NAMM Show?

The NAMM Show is one of the mega festivals for music aficionados, music education, live events, and the music business in general. With over 1,200 exhibitors representing 3,500 brands, visitors from 120 countries enthrall over the creme de la creme of music. With hundreds of educational sessions and over 150 live bands performing, the music industry is abuzz with the latest products, trends, and inspiration.

With a high emphasis on exclusivity, the show offers the opportunity to meet the best names in the industry and take a close look at the current music trends. For this, a guest list is maintained, and for the show’s attendance, participants and visitors need to get a nod of approval from their organization. For this, you just need to be a music lover, and your aim has to be that of learning to acquire a spot for this coveted festival that will surely be an enriching experience for you and your respective organization. 

Here are five steps to acquire a nod of approval from your organization to attend The NAMM Show:

1. Researching About the Event

First and foremost, a thorough understanding of the multitude of learnings and experiences the show offers. It would be beneficial to convey the same to your organization for quick approval. You would have to visit the website, which lists the show’s agenda, key speakers, and sessions.

2. Draft an Agenda

Make a rundown of the instructive meetings or occasions you want to attend. A model plan is an incredible method for exhibiting that the show is pertinent to your job and will provide you with advanced learning and networking potential for new avenues. Survey the full rundown of occasions and meetings by downloading the NAMM Show+ application.

3. Recognise Your Three Goals

To make a more persuasive appeal, you can write three goals highlighting how attending the show would be a great learning opportunity to further help your overall career growth. Your goals can also include how the show will support your company’s mission and also aid as a tool for problem-solving in your business. 

Next, include action words for more impact, like “learn,” “network,” “gain,” “enrich,” and “discover. Here are a few examples: 

● Meet our top five target customers and introduce myself. 

● Attend the Music Analytics session to learn effective analytics and metrics techniques.

● Compare tools and make a recommendation to our team for a solution.

● Learn new tools for the classroom. 

Once you attend the show, you can envision your goal and then spend your time accomplishing those goals to get on track with a learning experience and also deliver a strong report to your company. 

4. Cost Estimation 

Be precise about the estimated cost of attending the event for better transparency with your supervisor so they can make an informed decision about allocating funds and creating a budget. You can also include the registration fee and hotel and travel costs.

5. Send a Formal Request to Your Organisation Via Email

After successful convincing, you can seal the deal by putting it in writing. The NAMM Show should describe the benefits of the event, provide details about when and where it’s being held, and make a strong case for your attendance. This can include the enlisted goals, an example agenda, and a breakdown of costs. To help you get started, we’ve created a sample letter you can use as a template to draft your request.  

What if You Don’t Get Approval?

Even if you don’t get approval from your organization, don’t feel disappointed, as there are other options to consider.

Ask if there is budget for you to apply for individual membership with NAMM. With an individual membership, you can participate in livestreams of select NAMM Show events and sessions using the NAMM Show+ app; access educational sessions through NAMM U Online; participate in networking opportunities, including NAMM Young Professionals (YP) and Women of NAMM (WoN); access professional development opportunities and more.

Follow NAMM’s rich content library, including the Playback blog, Oral History interviews, the Music History Project podcast, and ReVoicing the Future — the Women of NAMM podcast.

We look forward to seeing you at The NAMM Show!

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