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Raani: A Song That Belongs To The Fans Of Shashwat Bulusu As He Releases His Most Requested 10-Year-Old Track – Score Indie Reviews

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Music is an ever-evolving entity which changes as a person grows, matures and has new experiences in life. Similar is the case with Shashwat Bulusu, whose latest song, ‘Raani’, was written over a decade ago when the talented singer-songwriter was 17 years old. Since his music has gone on a different trajectory, ‘Raani’ is not a song that he resonates with anymore. But the love and affection the song continues to receive till now urged him to finally release it, keeping aside his own apprehensions. 

He released it purely out of love for his fans, who have campaigned and written him thousands of messages as they found solace in the soulful music and lyrics of the song. Reminiscent of the monsoon rainy days atop the mountain, where there is a serene joy of watching each droplet fall to the earth creating a lush scenario of greenery. This is a perfect track for such vivid imagery as it perfectly captures the same feeling. 

This melancholic track has a stirring yet delicate vocal with the soft strumming of the guitar; the lyrics talk about a tryst with nature and its quiet impact on the mind and soul. It depicts that monsoon can be a time when the world goes quieter and is the perfect time for some retrospection and a soft breather from the humdrum of life. 

Though the song does not offer a fresh sound, it does provide a simplicity which is sometimes lacking in contemporary Bollywood songs. Perhaps that is why it is such a beloved song even today, with thousands of views on Youtube and Spotify. From Raani to Aabad, Shashwat’s journey as an artist can truly be seen in his multi-faceted talent, which will surely create more ripples soon. 

Verdict: Melancholic, Simple Strumming, Balmy Vocals.

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