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‘Mood Swings’, The EP Where the Music Sings Too – Score Indie Reviews

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Fourth Lane, a Pune-based trio released their debut EP titled ‘Mood Swings’ and it can be described as a compilation of dark emotions expressed through multiple genres. Consisting of five songs in total, the band establishes itself as the rare multi-genre band that it has claimed to be over the years since its formation in 2018.

‘Falling in Circles’ is the first track from the EP. The intro of the song begins with genuinely sweet fingerpicking and soft echo-y vocals playing in the background. The magic of the composition begins after the first two bars of the song. There is a memorable guitar solo that plays throughout the song. This song is a Celtic folk composition at its core, and lyrics that speak of the haunting loop of one’s thoughts.

‘Fuckboi’ is song number two on this EP. The start of this song is a nice melodic continuation of the previous track, though a certain sass can be felt in the singer’s tone as the song progresses. The sudden beat drop is the best surprise that this song brings to its listeners. The Hip-Hop beats and rhythm along with the attitude of the song develop the energy of this EP. This one can be considered a successful composition of a break-up anthem.

‘Fuckboi’ is followed by the song called ‘One I Love’. This is the most poetic track of this EP. Another folk composition. A beautiful cello piece, and a concert bass drum plays throughout the song. It is a piece of this EP where a lover is passionately defending her love from everyone against it. A piece which when seen as part of the whole might be perceived differently.

‘Saint’ is the fourth track. The music of this song captures the quiet aching of the heart. Similar to the music type of the band ‘Daughter’, the rhythmic beating of the concert bass drum powers the song. Driven mostly by its music, this song gives a small-scale orchestra effect due to the beautiful inclusion of the strings section.

‘The Times’, is the final track of the EP. It continues the usage of finger-picked notes on the guitar. To bring in a different flavour to yet another song, this song falls in the category of rock music. This is heavily reflected in the drum’s composition and the electric guitar riff.

Sequencing of the songs truly explains why the EP is titled ‘Mood Swings’. It is a cleverly composed ensemble. One would however need to admit that the vocals could have been treated a bit better in the mix. The vocals felt pressed and burdened by the rest of the music. Slight vocal highlighting could have made the EP crisper. 

The EP is a nice package that maintains the darker tones while complimenting it with a diverse set of genres. The deliberate choice of keeping the vocals in lower octaves and the recurring usage of guitar fingerpicks prove to be positive musical tools.

Verdict: Dark, melancholic, haunting

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