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Shashaa Ft. Keba – Medieval Minds – Score Indie Reviews

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“Medieval Minds” is the fourth and final single from Shashaa Tirupati’s EP “I’m Sorry, Heart”. It features Keba Jeremiah on guitars. Medieval Minds is an unconventional breakup song. Open to new beginnings, using past pains, self-inflicted, as stepping stones to future convictions.

Drawing on the past and looking to the future, Medieval Minds is a quietly affecting and beguiling work, delivered with quiet, introspective emotion and perfectly attuned musical arrangements. “Had I, been a diamond pristine…I would rather bleed”, she reminds herself. Make sure that you immerse yourself in these waters and drink deep. Indeed, from out of Tirupati’s emotional turmoil emerged a memorable song that, during the entire runtime of a little under four minutes, sees its architect pulls the strings of your heart with every note.

Shashaa Tirupati’s “Medieval Minds” is one of those gems that’s so great at being musically minimalist yet brimming with emotions that it stops you in your tracks. If you haven’t heard anything else from her EP yet, “Medieval Minds” should definitely push you towards those play and repeat buttons for “I’m Sorry, Heart”.

Verdict: Soulful.

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