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The pioneering Indian Pop legend’s voice has captured the imagination of music lovers across generations & geographical spreads for decades. Between the interludes of introspection that the artist is known to often take, no year goes by without his loyal fans asking for more music.  Their calls will be answered with singer-songwriter’s aptly titled latest video single “Intezaar”. Ali teams with his favourite collaborator, brother-in-law & renowned composer/producer Mikey McCleary to create magic again in a series of singles, starting with Intezaar. 

The old adage about ‘good things take time…’ seems to hold true, particularly in this situation. Lucky Ali is known for his distinctive sound and soulful but strikingly simple ballad-style singing, as well as his elusiveness. The husky-voiced singer-songwriter, composer & actor firmly believes in surfacing only when he has something significant to say or share with his audiences and the world. It is that time now, so the world will get to savour the living legend’s latest rendition — that evocatively chronicles the subject of relationships through the lens of ‘Intezaar aur tamanna’ (wait/expectation and desire) — a buoyant mid-tempo video single, that bears the balladeer’s signature. 

It’s been a while since we heard from Lucky Ali but the sheer quality of “Intezaar” is a clear indication of the maestro’s unwavering talents and singing abilities that defy age. He performs with the consummate ease, skill and passion that he is known for and combined with Mikey McCleary’s talents, his voice could open even wider vistas.

With the release of “Intezaar”, one of the most beloved and unique singers in Indian music has heralded his return into the music world with a fresh, yet nostalgic sound. We know it’s early, but this might be in contention for “song of the year” by the time 2022 winds up.

Verdict: It’s time to get Lucky.

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