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Shalmali x Sunidhi Chauhan – Here Is Beautiful: Score Indie Reviews

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There are essentially two sides to contemporary music, there’s the mainstream scene, and there’s the indie scene. The mainstream scene consists of mega stars, massive labels and music that is streamed millions of times. The indie scene usually consists of more….well “independent” music that is almost like a hidden treasure trove of incredible music for people to enjoy.  At the confluence of those vibrant creative efforts lies the track we are reviewing, “Here Is Beautiful”. 

With a successful career in the Hindi film industry and giving us many rocking chartbusters, singer and composer Shalmali has always pushed the envelope with her unconventional choices and has created her own mark as an artist. Last year she released her debut English single “Regular” which grabbed many eyeballs. Shalmali is now all set to release an entire English album titled 2X in 2021. The first single “Here Is Beautiful” is out and it features Sunidhi Chauhan (she needs no introduction, you all know who she is).

To celebrate her relationship with her partner, Shalmali wrote “Here Is Beautiful” and a chanced conversation with Sunidhi Chauhan led to this beautiful collaboration. 

Embracing the melodic songwriting sensibility of top notch R&B music, wrapping it up with some beautifully ambient, ethereal synth, and polishing the result with a rich, fully modern production touch, “Here Is Beautiful” features stunning vocal performances from both Shalmali Kholgade and Sunidhi Chauhan. It is a track that seems to be at the right place at the right time. 

After all, indie music has been bubbling beneath the surface of mainstream consciousness for years, whether most people who heard it recognized it as part of a jumbo-sized revival genre or not. There was a time when indipop ruled the airwaves, but that phase passed on to the pages of history. There were isolated instances of success but perhaps nothing has had the potential to smash through the ceiling of indie music’s underground realm into the bright lights of the mainstream.

“Here Is Beautiful” might just be able to change that.

Since deciding to venture into the world of creating English music, Shalmali has encountered one new success after another. Her first English indie track “Regular” was released to widespread critical and fan acclaim last year. She has followed it up with this duet with Sunidhi Chauhan. There is no point in discussing the song’s musical brilliance any further. It’s a song which has Shalmali and Sunidhi Chauhan. Can the results be anything but great? What’s more important to discuss, is the impact this song might have on the indie scene as a whole.

The confectionary musical delicacy known as “Here Is Beautiful” is currently in the midst of exponential streaming growth, and the rocket-like ascension of the song shows no signs of slowing down. Fortunately for Shalmali’s rapidly expanding fanbase, it won’t be long before the world is able to enjoy more great new tracks from her.

As a part of an elaborate launch, Shalmali will be releasing the album in two phases – 2X Side A in April and 2X Side B later in the year with a grand total of 12 tracks. If Shalmali’s short but explosive English music career to date is any indication, we’ll be hearing much more about her in the coming months, and not just in the indie scene. 

Is Indipop 2.0 looming over the horizon? Seems that way, and Shalmali Kholgade might just be leading the charge. Stay tuned, and stay ready.

Verdict: A triumph of indie music.

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