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Tete a Tete with Sunidhi Chauhan on ‘Remix’ a Reality Show with a Difference!

The Bollywood music diva Sunidhi Chauhan, who has judged several reality shows, feels that reality shows do not need all that drama…there needs to be pure judgment to reward the ‘Merit with Honesty’!

The Score Magazine talks to the diva Sunidhi Chauhan, one of the Judges for the upcoming reality show “THE REMIX’, a unique concept by video-on-demand service Amazon

What exited you to take up REMIX to judge?

The Concept of the show really excited me in the first place and the fact that there is a pairing of a DJ cum
composer and a singer who team up to work on classic and popular songs which they revisit together and
create something new out of it, by adding freshly composed lines, raps or musically insert things, that are
nowhere close to the original song that is very unique about this concept.

How do these DJ singer teams work?

When they work they both work equally, it’s not that the singer sings and DJ  just composes, they both add little
things to the composition, even a singer can compose,there are no boundaries, when these teams come together. It has never been done before not on TV or any digital platform.

Tell us something about the Presentation of the show?

The whole combination is unique, it has great presentation, how the set looks, it has exotic graphics that are
programmed rhythmically in sync with the song, that is quite interesting.

What makes REMIX Different?

This show is different for the fact, that singers are actually singing and also not miming to their own song, which I feel is cheating and is not fair to the audience.

How spontaneous are the live acts?

The whole concept is random, abstract, of course the basic has to be there,since the tracks are pre-planned but, it’s not putting up an act that is prerecorded.

How do the Episodes proceed on the Show?

Remix is a 10 episode series and we had 10 teams to judge. The contestants get 3 days for preparation and to
dig more into the songs, and create their version of the song.

How do the Rounds go?

There are various stages, a lot of things like in some episodes, we have a third artist coming to collaborate in
singing or some live musicians to add to the act. I thoroughly enjoyed some songs revisited, sometimes it was
a bit odd , but they made it sound very different, and that was crazy,I must say!

What Themes and Genres have been touched upon while re-creating music?

We had retro themes, where they could pick a new song and make it retro or may be songs of 90s and make it
sound more contemporary. Of course from Bollywood song, everything was brought together from Jazz, Idiom,
Spring, Blues, Reggy, Rock n Roll, Classical, all were added and tastefully done. We tried to make each and
every episode different.

How exiting was it being on the Judge Panel?

I had a great time with Amit Trivedi and Nucleya on the judge panel. Amit is a great composer who knows how
compositions should sound, and DJ Nucleya is a big name and brought a lot to the table. The judgment is
purely based on the quality of music created and the merit of the contestants to win the big prize. We spoke
what we felt in our hearts, and that’s what people like to see that is ‘honesty’ and you should not fool the
people. The good thing is that there was no reality bit, no soft stories, its straight cut to cut, no drama, no
audience participation and I think it’s good in a way, because when the audience is involved things get out of
our hands. I hope that the people love it.

So what’s new that REMIX brings to the audience?

The whole process of remixing the songs is new, because normal audiences don’t get to see it, as since
many years acts are pre planned, but this would be music making live with a DJ composer and singer and that
is a new thing. Apart from that, the behind the scenes clips, music creations, will be a new experience for the
audience to watch on the reality show REMIX that will be launched in early 2018.



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