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Mali – “Caution To The Wind” is a Strong Debut: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based singer songwriter Maalavika Manoj aka Mali has regaled listeners with her songwriting and singing skills for some time now. After three stunning singles, her debut album “Caution To The Wind” is finally here. And we are very happy to inform you that the great musical quality of her singles is present throughout the album as well. 

Mali’s debut release was highly anticipated by all the fans who have been enamoured by her singles so far. Her unique style and wonderful songwriting abilities have already made her one of the most sought after names in the indie scene. The depth of the lyrics and the poetic skills of Mali is extremely admirable and it is a value that does not go unnoticed when listening to her debut album as well.

In “Caution To The Wind”, Mali has used electronic tools to decorate her melodies and create beautiful songs. The album proposes a calm atmosphere, to contemplate the songs and to enjoy them calmly. There is an overarching theme of longing, struggle and nostalgia throughout the album. There are moments of dark intensity as well as uplifting saccharinity, or a confusing blend of both extremes. Aside from the singles “Age of Limbo”, “Absolute” and “Mundane”, the track that truly shines is “Horoscope”.

The top notch production on “Caution To The Wind” captures and maintains the unmistakable sound of Mali and adds a lot of richness to each song. Producer Arnob Bal has done a stellar job and his contribution towards uplifting an already stellar collection of songs is quite evident.

Even though “Caution To The Wind” is Mali’s debut album, it isn’t plagued by the usual teething issues that debut albums have. Another highlight of the album is an absolute lack of filler material. Every single track is enjoyable. “Caution To The Wind” isn’t just a great debut album, it’s a great album that shouldn’t be missed. It’s worthy of multiple spins, so get started now.

Verdict: Stellar from start to finish.

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