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Velvety by Shalini Maria delivers acoustic goodness: Score Indie Reviews

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Shalini Maria’s new single Velvety brims with some simple-sounding acoustic guitar strumming. One might generalise it as just another indie-pop tune in that regard. But when the songstress starts singing, what follows is a soothing song filled with verses dedicated to nature, perfectly suited for audiences that are into easy listening. 

One can close their eyes while listening to Velvety, and they would be able to picture a landscape with lush greenery all over. As Maria sings, ‘come with me…you’re alone in a velvety forest of fresh-growing pass’, there’s definitely something cathartic about her vocals, her lyrics painting a vibrant, rich picture. 

As mentioned before, guitars form the crux of Velvety but the song also benefits greatly from a few portions that feature bittersweet violins. Be it in its breezy instrumentation or through Shalini Maria’s easygoing, hushed vocals, there’s a lot to appreciate in this feel-good track. 

The song is soothing enough to hold its own ground. The songwriting is simple, the singing is heartwarming. And as we stray further from nature with every passing day, maybe songs like these can help us appreciate the true beauty of a velvety forest, and the solace it would provide us. 

Verdict: Just close your eyes and feel the vibe. Songs like Velvety deserve to be heard like this.

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