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Raat Subah Si is a sensually poetic collaboration between Viveick Rajagopalan and Isheeta Chakrvarty: Score Indie Reviews

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Recently in terms of Hindi-language independent releases, there have been more than plenty of songs of one describing one’s lover. However, most of these succumbed to cliches, especially in terms of lyrics. And in terms of production, as has become the norm, overdone acoustic guitars or ukulele sounds were relied upon. Raat Subah Si is a breath of fresh air in this context.

Viveick Rajagopalan composes and produces the track that boasts of extremely poetic lyrics written by K.C. Loy. It would be unfair to translate the lyrics and they deserve to be interpreted differently by each listener. But yet the gist of the song centers on a woman introspecting a sensual night with her lover, yearning for more such memories. 

Now, even if the lyrics might be slightly more interpretive for some new generation listeners (who are getting used to simpler lyrics that don’t require much of their grey matter), Raat Suabh Si can make one feel emotions through just its vocals. 

Featured singer Isheeta Chakrvarty adds some kind of haunting beauty in her voice that makes the song sound ominous and elegant. Never does her voice waver and even the listener’s attention span might not! Part of the haunting nature is also evoked from some mellowed-down instrumentals, including Carola Ortiz’s clarinet and Sanjay Divecha’s guitaring.

Rajagopalan himself contributes to the udu. For those unacquainted with the instrument, the udu is a percussion instrument indigenous to Nigeria. 
The song does not shy away from its runtime, clocking at five and a half minutes. But in Raat…Subah Si’s case, the duration seems to be justified as it’s quite an atmospheric work of poetry, that slowly builds up with the slow-burning instruments and Chakrvarty’s evocative titular reprise of the song. 

Verdict: Hauntingly beautiful-sounding, and sensually-worded. 

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