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5 Korean Music artists other than BTS you should add to your playlist: Score Global Music

For everyone, these days BTS is the gateway for their Korean music journey, but as we dive deeper into the ocean of K-music, we find many amazing artists and groups that need more spotlight on them.

Apart from BTS, some artists well-known outside Korea are Blackpink, EXO, IU, GOT7, Monsta X, and a few others. But if you are looking for Korean artists other than these , look at the list below for a few selections from Korean indie and noon-pop genres that are exceptionally talented and have amazing music under their name.


Named after the movie Nell starring Jodie Foster this 4-member band needs no introduction to Korean music enthusiasts. but despite being very successful and well respected in South Korea, they are still unknown to the world outside. Formed in 2001, the band is known for its uniquely
melancholic and psychedelic sound. Some of their popular tracks are “Stay” from Let It Rain, “Thank You” from Walk Through Me, “Good Night” from Healing Process, and “기억을 걷는시간” (Time Walking On Memory) from Separation Anxiety.

They have multiple chart-topping albums and singles under their belt. The lead singer Kim Jong Wan also has sung OSTs for many Kdramas such as ” Gravity – The King: eternal monarch”, ”Blue Moon – Tale of nine-tailed Fox”, “You&I – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” and many more.

Once you go deep into their music you’ll definitely want to see them live. For music connoisseurs outside of Korea, this band is a perfect hidden gem they will quickly love and want to keep to themselves. 

Fun fact – If you are a BTS Army, you might have heard them in “Everything Goes” from RM’s mixtape “Mono” and the lead singer Kim Jong Wan in “Dear friend” from Agust D’s new mixtape “D2”. 


If you have watched the famous Kdrama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, you’ll recognize this singer’s satin-soft vocals right away. The song “Round and Round” is a perfect introduction to her voice. Her discography includes chart-topping singles such as “We don’t talk together” produced by SUGA of BTS and albums like “she’s fine”, “you, clouds, rain” etc. and many more. 

Billboard describes her as one of the most colorful and exciting artists of her generation. If you are looking for an introduction to unique, un-stereotypical Korean music she is definitely the one to start with.


Anyone listening to Korean music in 2020 is aware of “Start Over” by GAHO for the popular K-Drama “Itaewon Class”.
While Gaho is very new to the music scene as compared to other ones on this list, he definitely is not the last one to notice. With one EP, a mini-album and a few singles he already has a promising discography. He also has a lot of OSTs under his belt and he’s starting to gain more attention. He also has a lot of cover songs up on his Youtube channel with millions of views. If you want some power vocals coming your way, start following this artist. 


This South Korean indie band whose name translates to “monkey” in a particular regional dialect has a very peculiar sound. It seems very intimate and carries the purity of undiscovered music. The 4-member group is at the top of indie music in Korea right now. Their single “For Lovers
Who Hesitate” was a huge success. Some more of their chart-topping tracks are “A Thought On An Autumn Night”, “A Story I Couldn’t See”, “Dreams, Books, Powers and Walls”, “Together” etc. 

If you’re looking for a perfect mix between folk and modern sound in Korean music, they are your go-to option. 


This former SM Entertainment artist is not just a stellar musician but a multi-hyphenate. He can sing, he can act, produce his own music, can play multiple instruments including playing two pianos at the same time, and is a classical violinist. His smashing hit “It’s you” needs no introduction to anyone listening to Korean music.

Once a member of K-pop group Super Junior, his solo work came with more fame for him. His three EPs -“Trap”, “Fantastic”, and “Journey” were successful. And despite not being a Korean he still holds a special place in the hearts of Korean people. Now that he’s with Monster Entertainment (his brother’s agency), he has more creative freedom and is soaring to new heights. His covers of popular English tracks like – “Believer” by Imagine
Dragons and “Faded” by Alan Walker have been received especially well.

K-music fans are overjoyed that now the world STANs BTS. But we want other Korean artists to be equally celebrated, given the depth and variety of their talent. All we need to do is to shed our last shreds of prejudice and listen with good intent. The only thing to end up with is a warm heart. 

So what are you waiting for? Show some love to these artists and STAN TALENT.

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