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Shachi Pathak’s In My Head is an ambient, bittersweet tribute to solitude: Score Indie Reviews

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In the music video for In My Head, singer-songwriter Shachi Pathak seems to croon and wander around a dimly-lit room. The restlessness and hopelessness in the visual works well enough to express Pathak’s cerebral confusion that she seems to evoke in this track. 

She had penned this song after undergoing an unstable trail of thoughts after a certain person in her life left her in a very (as she describes it) ‘paralyzing state’. She expresses this downward spiral in a blend of wavy notes and harmonies. 

The accompanying production by FANTOM is ambient enough adding to the whole ‘chill pop/lofi’ atmosphere to Shachi Pathak’s singing. In My Head is slightly different from her past work (say, for example, her 2020 EP Mann Tarang) in the sense that she plays around with English lyrics this time. 

Now, be it, English or Hindi, one thing is certain. The artist seems to have great control over her vocal style and might just carry on gaining expertise in the ‘chilled out’ subgenre of hip-hop. For instance, In My Head deals with emotions like emotional frailty and the uncertainty that follows when a close person leaves someone. But at the same time, if one doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, the song might just sound ‘vibey’ enough for a listener to feel positive. 

And arguably, this is the essence of the ‘chillwave’ on which many singers, rappers, and DJs seem to be surfing. The lyrical elements might be dark but the sound is contrastingly soothing enough. For such stylistic choices, artists might often rely on voice filters to add to a wavy, fluid effect. 

Sometimes, the hook might get slightly monotonous but then that’s just nit-picking at this point. As shown in her EP and In My Head, Shachi Pathak proves that she can achieve the same without many filters and layers. Just a few mixed harmonies and her own smooth voice work perfectly well with the atmospheric lo-fi production. 

Verdict: Simplistic and heartfelt, In My Head might just stick in your head.

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