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Anadi Nagar’s Aajao Na plays around with familiar tropes of heartache: Score Indie Reviews

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One of Anandi Nagar’s previous singles Jao Jao Jaana seemed to mark the prologue to his encounters with romance. The singer, songwriter, and producer had recorded the track during COVID season while recounting a relatable ‘falling in love for the first time’ moment. 

His latest track Aajao Na seems to contrast with the former as this seems like a darker epilogue to his tryst with love. It’s evident from the warm, toned-down instrumental arrangement that this is no merry song. The artist’s muse seems to have left him and he just yearns for her to come back.

Despite its familiar themes and over-the-top notions of romantic ado, Nagar’s lyrics seem to stem from a less toxic place. Otherwise, a few heterosexual love stories in the indie-pop genre tend to waste their potential painting the male lover (from whose perspective the song often tends to be written) in a saintly light, absolving him of any flaws and burdening the old flame with all the issues. 

Aajao Na tends to acknowledge that a relationship turned sour due to the human flaws and incompatibility the lovers might have gone through. The production works well with Nagar’s vocals but still, the sound design might just end up sounding a tad bit ‘Bollywood-ish’ for some listeners.

The chorus can be regarded as a high point of the track that finds the vocalist unleashes some good, old, 2000s-style soft rock feels. In the end, Aajao Na delves into familiar themes and maybe that’s what makes this thoughtful tune worth listening to for anyone who has gone through a messy heartbreak. And Anadi Nagar’s performance has been consistent considering the common tropes that his last few songs seem to be having.  

Verdict: All good things come to an end. This song tends to project the aftermath of this end.

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