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Sepultura Get A New Drummer

Sepultura have found themselves a new drummer, in the form of 20-year-old Eloy Casagrande from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The young buck replaces Jean Dolabella, who decided to end his 5-year and 2-album long stint with the band to concentrate on personal projects.

For Casagrande, the drumming prodigy, this would indeed be the highlight of an already distinguished musical career so far. The boy also won the Modern Drummer Undiscovered Drummer competition as a teen up-start in 2006, but reserved deep joy for his newest gig stating, “When I got the invitation to join Sepultura, I was in shock. I’m a fan of the band for years; it’ll be an honour to play with them”.

The charming story of boyhood fantasies come true would be believable, since Sepultura are now 27 years old themselves. In that lifetime – sufficiently longer than Casagrande’s 20 years – the band has almost done away with their entire original line-up, except for bassist Paulo Jr. and guitarist Andreas Kisser.

But no one cares, because in this timeframe, they’ve churned out classics relentlessly, with 12 studio albums released so far, up until Kairos earlier this year. They have managed to establish a heavy metal heritage in their native Brazil, competing with soccer teams and samba queens to become national symbols.

You can taste the heritage right here;

[youtube_video id=F_6IjeprfEs]

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