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Score’s Metallica Tribute: Theorized 101

We wouldn’t let just anybody attempt playing Metallica for you. We make sure we pick out professionals who’re upto the task. Theorized, the headliners of the forthcoming Score Magazine Metallica tribute gig, definitely fit the bill. 

Historical inaccuracies aside, Theorized, claim 2008 was the breakthrough year. Before that, they were at birthday parties strumming happy chords. But since then, Bangalore-based Theorized have stepped up the act.

The central point of this resurrection was them releasing their debut EP, False Hope Of Tyranny, in January 2009, which was widely talked about. Rolling Stones even went as far as to say that one of the songs on the EP, Raise The Dead, was thrash metal at its simplest and best. 

There is no doubt that it was the impetus that their ruthless riffing and obscene aggression needed, and soon, Theorized found themselves on many gig rosters, playing several pub and college festival dates in Bangalore and other venues around the country.

They count metal staples Megadeth, Meshuggah, Metallica, Opeth as inspirations, but aren’t limited by them. They are metallists who still like their share of hip hop and Kishore Kumar, interspersed with the usual fare of gut-wrenching head bangers.

The line-up consists of Madhav on vocals, who is also bassist for Escher’s Knot, along with Sandeep and Ankit on the guitars, Yash on the drums and Sankalp on bass. Their personal invite should convince you why you need to be there.

If that was a tad bit unclear for you, you can always check out this sample.

Theorized – Genetic Variants by highonscore

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