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ScoreByte: We Are The Champions: Catchiest Song Ever

There’s a reason you sing this song everytime you’ve coup-de-graced the mutant roach from your bathroom. It’s because everyone does. 

Queens, ‘We Are The Champions’ has been proved, scientifically, to be that one song that will stay in everbody’s head. Scientists in Goldsmiths University, conducted research to compile what they would the ‘Ten Catchiest Songs Of All Time’. Research work just got more interesting. 

They subjected thousands of volunteers to sing to a selcted list of tracks, and Eureka! They got it. ‘We are the champions’ was that song everybody could sing along most comfortably to. Which brought them to the conclusion that this song, is the catchiest song of all time. We don’t even want to question their ambiguous research methods because we cannot disagree. 

To know more go to:

[youtube_video id=xdCrZfTkG1c]



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