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ScoreByte: Snoop Dogg’s Pot-luck

In a moment of complete retardation, Snoop Dogg invited THE Ian Neale to his gig. And in a moment of almost divine comeuppance, the farmer dismissed his music as rubbish. 

For the horticulturally uninitiated, (we hold you in infinite contempt) Ian Neale recently obtained the world record for growing the worlds largest Swede. A Swede is basically a turnip, only more like a cabbage. 

Also, Fyi, do not google swede with safesearch off. 

Now that I’ve successfully lost forty percent of my audience : Doggy Dog, who is an avid gardener now apparently, called farmer Neale backstage during his Cardiff gig and offered him a smoke.

Since, crack does not grow on trees, we can assume that Peanutsman was asking for instructions on the finer details of hydroponics. (And if you do not know what that is.. Really, who are you kidding?) Especially since farmer Neale later confessed that the offered smoke did not contain only tobacco. 

But he was less impressed by Dogg’s music, saying that he wouldn’t pay to hear him. 

With this, and earlier, Farmer Graham’s insistence on clothing a naked Rihanna, one is forced to wonder, has the entirety of UK’s agricultural community been replaced by some kind of superhero idiot-snubbing task force? 

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