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ScoreByte: Pitbull’s Mumbai Tour Plans

You know how pop music video’s these days have the annoying habit of attaching a feat. Pitbull to their names? Well, do we have news for you then, because Pitbull, rapper, shameless song murderer and owner of the shiniest bald head in the Northern Hemisphere, is planning a tour in Mumbai.

The rapper, who also goes by Lil Choco’ (Bleurrgh) is in talks to do a one night only show in Mumbai mid-december. Reports on extremist groups planning a great barrage of rotten tomatoes directed at his burnished heads are yet unconfirmed. 

The rapper is also wants to incorporate Indian sounds in his music. Expect to see a version of Chaiyya Chaiyya with cuban rap in it making platinum internationally very soon. Expect him to collaborate with Pritam, also. 

Here is the most palatable pitbull song I could find, check it out if you are feeling particularly masochistic today. 

[youtube_video id=SmM0653YvXU]

I know making a music video provides you with creative license and all, but these girls could NEVER be attracted to him. 

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