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Scorebyte: Courtney Love Fills In For Motley Crue Singer, Talks About Killing Herself

Courtney Love, most famous for being the wife of Kurt Cobain, but also singer for The Hole, sang for Motley Crue on Tuesday.

As Crue singer Vince Neil had lost his voice due to illness, Courtney Love filled in for him and performed with The Hole at the Launch Event for The New York Fashion Week.

Post concert she also talked about her drug abuse problems (and Charlie Sheen’s name cropped up. Apparently you cannot talk about drugs in North America without bringing him up) and how she had wanted to kill herself.

The show saw her dedicating the song Skinny Little Bitch to her daughter Frances Cobain. I’m not sure whether that is completely complimentary though. Read the full story Here.

[youtube_video id=ulADvK40SwQ]


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