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The neural connections have got messed up in our cerebral cortex and we ask ourselves, “If a singer were a vehicle, what vehicle would he/she be?” 

Adnan Sami: Airbus 320

There is something so definitely aeroplaney about AdnanSami. Close your eyes and think AdnanSami and voila! The first thing you associate him with is an aeroplane. He is not a small two-seater Cessna. No sir, he’s a big and streamlined Airbus 320. Most of his songs too are like an aeroplane journey – smooth, floaty and quite enjoyable if not too long with very little turbulence. Considering that his most popular song was about lifting off heavenwards, Adnan Sami and his music truly conforms to all aerodynamic qualities of epic proportions.

Himesh Reshmiyya: Auto Rickshaw

Think Himesh, think auto rickshaw. Auto-rickshaw kaaran throttling up the accelerator and Himesh opening his “Tera tera tera suroooooooor”. The quick changes in gear and you can feel the auto moan, groan and strain with effort. Himesh is belting out his own version of “Kajra Re”, touching pitches even he is not sure he had in him. The repeated return to the alternating two note drone with varying pitches when the auto is in cruise mode and you know Himesh is repeating his chorus for the nth time. Sources say that he has undergone voice reconstructive surgery but sometimes we wonder if it is worth putting a muffler on an auto rickshaw silencer.

K. J. Yesudas: H.M Contessa

They don’t make ’em anymore. It is one of the classiest vehicles every produced by the Hindustan motors and at one time was the King of the road. It had style, could go long distances with perfect control in almost any terrain and would hardly ever break down. It was the insignia of anything to do with power and authority in our country. Though the demand for it has decreased over the years and has given its way to younger more shiny looking cars, it will always be considered one of our finest. 

Justin Bieber: Bumper Car

It does not have any wheels but moves alright. It is young and when it grows up, it wants to become a Hummer. Very popular with kids and older people look at it with it disgust thin king it should not be called a car if it does not have wheels. Neverthelessfun, andit beinga bumpercar, you do not have to worry about all the other complications that affect other regular cars. It is indeed hard not to appreciate a bum per car with a “Never say never” attitude.

Ricky Martin: Lamborghini

He is smooth, sleek and looks good. The car is chic, has auto transmission and serious power and though it can not be successful on hardly fails to make a big impression. It’s been around for quite a while now and apart from all the style and class it exudes, it also makes a nice purring sound when it runs, hardly ever stuttering or sputtering. Ricky you are the perfect Lamborghini! I heart you! 

Loius Armstrong: Steam Locomotive

It whistles and it chugs along merrily. It has an entire world of charisma built around it. It is from a previous generation and kids when they were growing alwayswishedthey could be one. Louis Armstrong IS a steam engine! Hewhistles, he chugs along in his deep gravelly voice taking us through a wonderful world of rainbow colours and friends shaking hands and saying “I love you”. Nothing is rushed or forced. It’s all natural and you stop and wonder how something so powerful and strong can actually be so romantic and soothing. 

Miley Cyrus: Pedal Luna

You know the Pedal luna right? You had to start it by pedalling and it would go “Vrrrrrr Vrrrrrr” mainly characterized by a grating, grinding sort of sound followed immediately by a sudden drop in pitch and level. It did not have the horsepower or the strength to go long distances and yet, for some bizarre reason was extremely popular. At times when it didn’t start you would need to run alongside, pushing it and then it would screech! Overall, unless you forced yourself to get used to it, it was quite a pain.

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