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On December 3rd, 2021, Sanjeev T survived a massive heart attack. He had a 5cm block in my coronary artery which had to be removed via an angioplasty procedure, placing a stent in my heart permanently. In the words of Sanjeev T himself “I’m recovering well and should be back in action in a few weeks from now. Even though I’m thankful to be alive – To death, I give the finger.”

After beating death, Sanjeev T is back with his fifth single from his album “Future”. The track is called “Underdog”. It has been written and performed by Ranj.

Also featured on the track is Carl Fernandes (Benny Dayal) on bass & Grammy winning engineer Deepak PA who has mastered the track.

The song speaks of the underdog – who perseveres through the tides whilst truly identifying themselves through their unique expression

According to Sanjeev T, he has always been an underdog in this industry spanning 21 years – willing to be far from trends – discarding all formulas – conforming to nothing. 

He added, “I will remain the Underdog – so I can continue to inspire imagination  – Message an audience looking for a differentiator – create art without boundary or prejudice.”

Now that LoFi music has been around for some time, the whole preconceived notion of it being just a new kind of lounge music has been put to rest. Yes, the music has a minimalistic feel to it and comes with an analogue sounding warmth, but isn’t just meant to be an unobtrusive background score while working, studying, or sleeping. It is far more than mood music, it is an aesthetic choice which songwriters are taking. 

Sanjeev T’s album “Future” has wowed us with multiple LoFi tunes so far and “Underdog” is no exception. It combines the best of both worlds, it has enough musical nuances to keep you hooked while also having the chill, relaxed vibe that all LoFi lovers yearn for. “Underdog” further cements the fact that Sanjeev T’s “Future” is devoid of fillers. Play it on repeat.

Verdict: Smooth.

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