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Manchild’s new single SOS sounds like a cry for help but is an anthem of reassurance” – Score Indie Reviews

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If you are in the mood for some new-wave Indi-electronica to end the year, look no further beyond SOS. The single is written and sung by Manchild with Best Asok handling production duties. The result is an enthralling and upbeat anthem of grooviness that is adorned with some classical-style Indian vocals and instrumentals.

Thematically, SOS covers the ideas of hope, persistence, and reassurances in starting over. It is just one of those tracks that doesn’t romanticise the notions of life and its purpose but rather normalises burnout phases. Through this song, Manchild seems to be pointing out how it is normal for us to feel tired and not in the mood to be all “glorious” in one of our sad days. Much like the year before this one, the post-pandemic time has spelled out low points of gloom for many of us. And maybe, a reassuring track like SOS can answer some of our calls for help.

Apart from Asok’s vibe-inducing fusion, the accompanying animated music video also deserves separate recognition. Animated by Izanimates, the video yet again depicts the feeling of boredom, exhaustion, and general frustration that has come about after the pandemic.

The protagonist in the scribbly video is a woman who is tired of staring at her video conference screen with the same old people (with Zoom being parodied as “Doom”). She often fantasises on leaving the meeting but still sticks on. Finally, when the meeting ends, she can take a breather.

This sort of relatable narrative that the song paints with its visual along with the feel-good ambiance of Manchild’s “not so childish” and mature vocals do make it the perfect track to draw 2021 to a close.

Verdict: Feel-good, ambient, and a somewhat necessary energy booster of a song.

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