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Sandhya Chari creates a real fun tune to dance to with her new song ‘Someone Special’ – Score Indie Reviews

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If there’s one thing people like, its dancing to groovy music. And lately, the rise of Punjabi pop music has been on the rise. So here we see USA based artist Sandhya Chari, jumping on the train and putting out what is a real treat to dance to.

Music like this has always been about maintaining the energy because, nobody likes dancing to a slow tune (unless you’re in a burning room). The involvement of the body with the music, is what makes us enjoy music. So a lot of music that’s popular, can be beat-driven.

Sandhya Chari’s new release is all about maintaining the energy and creating an electric vibe. And it accomplishes that really well. The video that accompanies it, features a lot of dance sequences that match the energy and vibe of the song.

Her vocals are also really good, and well processed. The production on the track is up there with industry standards. There’s really not much to say about it except, it fits the formula of being a good dance tune. Sandhya is confident that this song will be a banger that we’ll be vining out to and only time will tell if that’s the case as it needs to find out a way to set itself apart from the existing names, a lot more. It fits the mould and so we’ll just have to wait and watch to see where her music goes. So far, the energy is pretty good and she has a great vibe to her name.

Verdict: Fun, energetic and great to dance to.

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