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Through a lovely Ballad, Abdon Mech’s latest release ‘Always Be’ does a great job at giving us something to relate to – Score Indie Reviews

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A love-song or a ballad is quintessential songwriting. Everybody loves them, everybody can relate to them, and if you play your chords right, everybody will love listening to it over and over again. So here we have a new song by Abdon Mech called ‘Always Be’. A simple enough song, it aims to create an atmosphere of serenity. Does it accomplish it? Yes. It does a good job of it. It’s really pretty with some great lyrics too. 

A song that relies heavily on vocals, speaking of which, the featured artist Zuchobani Tungoe has an amazing voice and sounds great. The voice compliments the rest of the sound creating a much needed contrast. All of this sits on a beat-driven acoustic guitar arrangement which again follows a great tried and tested formula.

The energy of the song could be a lot more diverse because it runs the risk of sounding very monotonous. Adding a little more spice would really elevate the experience because its a great foundation. It just leaves the listener wanting more and the listeners, could really use more variety. Aside from these, the song is, fundamentally, well made. It checks all the boxes and is a great vibe. 

Verdict: Really pretty sounding vibe.

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