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Prakhar Kaushik’s new tune ‘Nazaare’ is a good acoustic ballad for a long drive – Score Indie Reviews

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No road trip is complete without the right soundtrack to it. To some, its eurobeat (if you know, you know); and to others its a nice acoustic ballad. Actually, to most of us, a nice acoustic ballad would be brilliant. Glad we have Prakhar Kaushik giving us just that. His track ‘Nazaare’ has a lot going for it in the ‘vibe’ department and, like he says, you’ll enjoy your long drive with this tune. One listen, and you’d very likely agree with it. 

A simple song, ‘Nazaare’ is well crafted and performed. Prakhar’s vocals are a great fit to how it all sounds. A nice acoustic guitar sound with a good rhythm section works really well. It fits well into the singer-songwriter soundscape that is growing in popularity. Maybe too well.

It sticks to a tried and tested formula of a song structure and arrangement. And his vocal style too is very reminiscent of the genre. However, it does little to set itself apart from the rest of the tunes in this space. That unfortunately, drowns it in a sea of similar sounding tunes. 

The lyrical and conceptual ideas of this tune, talk about human insignificance in the big bad world. An idea with a lot of depth, he does a good job of conveying it to the listener. However, the strength of this song is the vibe it sets. It’s a good sound that is very popular.

Just wish it had some more of that secret sauce that would make it his own unique sound.  But like he says, its great for long drives. Its a great foundation to build on and develop his own unique sound.

Verdict: Good vibes all-round

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