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Samantha Noella’s EVERYTIME will ‘take your breath away’: Score Indie Reviews

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Renowned vocal coach Samantha Noella has helmed many a jazzy, breezy single before and her new track EVERYTIME is no exception. Despite the stylistic similarities to her previous work, EVERYTIME still sounds as fresh as it can be, largely thanks to Noella’s powerful and soul-stirring vocals. 
And of course, there’s a lovely jazz ensemble accompanying her voice.

Ambient guitars, and smooth trumpets and keys blend in a lovely cocktail, brimming with neo-jazz and blues-y ingredients. The song’s lyrics find her crooning over a long lost relationship that’s over but yet floats in her memories. She remarks on how she and this ex-partner were never meant to be together but still, she misses this particular person every once in a while. Despite the bittersweet tone of these thoughts, the composition is perfect for instantly cheering up anyone who gives it a listen. 

The simplistic nature of the wordings make for an easygoing set of thoughts that Noella effortlessly sings with perfect timing and control, signs that bear testimony to her vocal prowess. In an age of muted vocals or heavily enhanced voices, Samantha Noella’s vibrantly raw energy comes as a breath of fresh air. Just listen to EVERYTIME’s final minutes for instance. 

While the instrumentals add to the fast-paced nature throughout, Noella elevates the climax with some flawless scatting and harmonising building up to some equally flawless vocal-stretching. Hence, this particular closing part is a whole other song in its own right. This does play a significant role in making up for the song’s otherwise-slightly long duration.

In the end, if you are looking for a track to lift up your spirits, EVERYTIME deserves to be on your playlist. An instantly groovy and upbeat tune, the track’s varying moods and continuous pace can only make one imagine how this song would further transcend to even better levels if performed live. 

Verdict: Groovy, vocal merriment further boosted by a stunning third act. 

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