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Akash Chopra’s I Want To Go brims with the charm and goodness of bedroom-pop: Score Indie Reviews

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Akash Chopra had proven his easygoing prowess with acoustic vibes last year itself, courtesy of singles like Clumsy. With his new track I Want To Go, the singer-songwriter is back with a sound that seems to bear a bedroom pop-like charm.

Buttery vocals, an acoustic arrangement, with a few merry claps in between, such elements suit the escapist tone that Chopra seems to evoke in his track. 

Despite the overlying positivity, the chorus is a soothingly sorrowful callback to going back to a simpler time where the artist feels less suffocated and more independent. Nostalgia and simpler times, such themes are often touched upon in the indie-pop scene and this song is no exception although Chopra’s vocal freshness helps in I Want To Go to overcome its somewhat formulaic approach. 

Even the vocals are mostly raw and largely unedited as intended, the Jaipur-based singer’s voice does interpolate with a few distorted layers that add to the present-day chaos. It almost feels like the song starts off from a breezy, simple childhood-like phase of naivety eventually transitioning towards the uncertainty of adulthood. What’s worth praising is that the song’s metaphorical approach to its lyrical content in an easily palatable manner. 

As mentioned earlier, I Want To Go easily comes under the ambit of bedroom pop. In fact, a behind-the-scenes fact is that Akash Chopra was entirely recorded and produced in his own bedroom. Relying on a DIY approach, he also used a few everyday objects for the ambient sounds. 
Roughly speaking, I Want To Go might not find Chopra exploring entirely new territories but still, it is a testament to his artistic growth and ever-reliable approach towards such light, relatable narratives as this track. 

Verdict: Easygoing lamentations on going back in time. 

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