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Ekam’s Out of Your Mind is an upbeat unique fusion that is bizarrely perfect: Score Indie Reviews

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Chennai-based band Ekam have released their new single type Out Of Your Mind. Fresh, original, and playful. That’s how the song can be described initially. But beyond the casual ambience of the song, is a great arrangement of vocals and instrumentals that yield some good-enough production for a young group as Ekam.

Lyrically, Out Of Your mind is a fun duet that details a bittersweet tussle between two lovers. The narrative of the song hardly gets monotonous as the flow keeps on switching effortlessly between Gowthami A and Arun Krishnan. The former also assisted in composing while the latter was involved in the programming, arranging, mixing and mastering of the track. The best thing about the song is the multilayered nature it presents. It starts off like a simple acoustic love song but transcends to great variations, whether it is in terms of the aforementioned vocals or Saketh Vishwesvaran’s guitars. The guitaring is done by the same artist for both the electric and acoustic parts, each complementing each other perfectly. 

As mentioned before, the song might give off an aura of simplicity but it does build up to different tones towards the end. Most of the romantic indiepop songs these days in the scene are either based on a heartbreak or just the lover’s fascination to meet their beloved. This skit-like approach that Ekam approaches in Out of Your Mind is slightly unconventional and more interactive that way, coming off as a breath of fresh air.

To put it in a nutshell, the lovers in this song might be quarrelling but their ups and downs go on to make for an entertaining addition to your playlist.

Verdict: While Ekam plays over familiar romantic tropes, it uses a unique and fun-filled approach to create a catchy love duet. 

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