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Dhanush’s Sachin Tribute!

[youtube_video id=mURXPSD2Q10]

Actress Anushka, Dhanush, music director Anirudh alongwith some very familar faces from the indie circuit gather round to raise a toast to Tendulkar!

A dismissal of peter-ish vocals leads to an impromptu jam that starts with jumpachikkum & goes onto a fully blown musical in a railway station.

The video is trying to convey very little in 4 minutes of high definition:

1+1 is two, Sachin is the uniting force of India.

Both are undeniable facts & we acknowledge and groove to these truths, kutthu style!


So this is BOOST paying tribute to SACHIN via DHANUSH & co?

It may look more like Dhanush having fun with his cronies (the man has just sparked a lov-u lov-u relationship with music recording) but this is infact a Boost (the yummy children’s drink) initiative. Smart, well anticipated move, I say.

The way things are going, Dhanush could turn out to be the veritable nightingale of 2012.

Besides Shaan’s recent anti tobacco campaign association & Sonu Nigam’s efforts at cancer prevention, I can’t think of many music artists creating such an impact. I’m sure many of them contribute to the community but in circumstances like these, some healthy sensationistic tools may not be such a bad idea.

If this anthem picks up Kolaveri kind of success, Dhanush should SERIOUSLY use this platform to take on social causes!

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