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Saarang 2012: A Good Way To Start A Year

Even before the dust from Mood Indigo could settle and the almost coital euphoria has had time to wear off, we’re already rubbing our hands in anticipation of another college festive jamboree; this time, it’s Saarang 2012, IIT Madras’ very own, scheduled for the weekend over 20th – 22nd January.


The program list, which will be released almost simultaneously with this little heads up from us, looks promising. The headlining slot for this edition of the fest has been slated for Swedish progressive metal connoisseurs, Vildhjarta (read: Wild – heart – a, which is basically its literal meaning in Swedish)

[youtube_video id=QGx8PCl_Bjw]


Sounds like Porcupine Tree with a dash of doomsday philosophies

Their claim to fame, apart from having released all of three songs in four years preceding their debut, good though they were, is having pioneered the ambidjent genre. It’s basically their very-own take on Scandinavian goth, where operatic harmonized guitar riffs punctuate sections of aggressive off-beat riffage and apocalyptic howling and growling.


But that’s on 21st. The preceding first night of the event will have Telugu music director, Devi Sri Prasad, bringing his infectious dance grooves to the bowl shaped amphitheater at IIT-M. It promises to be a freaky Friday, for the ‘Ringa Ringa’ composer, popularly known as DSP, is pretty reknowned for his ability to whip up rhythm at the drop of a hat.

[youtube_video id=WLAY-mTjp-w]

You most definitely can’t watch that and still be sitting


The filmi overtones will shape events on the final day too, as Vishal Shekhar take the stage on the evening of 22nd, Sunday. With their substantial repertoire of hit Bollywood numbers, this will seem like one upscale wedding party, as the gyrating 8000 strong crowd match their moves to the duo’s grooves.

But, in their bid to broaden their appeal, organizers of Saarang 2012 have also thought up a ‘Classical Nights’ event for 18th of January, comprising of Sammilan – a featuring of the classical talents of master flautist, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, and the heart rending Rajasthani folk songs of the Manganiyar trio – and the staging of “Vision Of Forever”, a dance opera conceptualized by The Dance Theater in Malaysia, and choreographed in collaboration with Odissi dance exponent, Ramli Ibrahim.

The opera would form the concluding second part of the program, while the music at Sammilan would make up the opening act. There are enough ingredients here to ensure this is a veritable delight for all those whose cultural leanings are evidently ethnic.

Here’s a little promo video for “Visions Of Forever”

[youtube_video id=onPuNd-65Hs]

This is just the start of a whole lot of new updates coming your way!

We’ll keep an eye on the proceedings at Saarang 2012; you keep an eye on this space.   

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