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Justin Bieber Gets Christmas Punk’d

It’s Christmas, so there’s a lot of good humour around, besides customary large portions of food and alcoholic chocolates. Justin Beiber is a synonym for that good humour too – not in a traditional Yuletide sense, but more as its year-round object

Keeping up the festivities, we brought him along to the party too, as firm Beliebers that maybe in this season of joy, young Justin might have secret hopes and desires too, regarding what he’d like from Daddy Christmas – some of which we thought we found on his song Mistletoe. Wanna know?

[youtube_video id=LUjn3RpkcKY]

Now, sing that song, but with these words!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year,

When Christmas gets this near

And I’m waiting for my guy to show,

When Santa climbs in through my window,

I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday

So I hope he gets out of North Pole okay,

While I wait and shed my winter snow,

Cause I’m a naughty little boy, but you’ll never know,

With you-oo, fatty with you,

With you-oo, fatty with you,

With you, fun I shall have galore,

We’ll start up a nice little fire

With mood music sung by the choir

And Santa will keep his promises I know

When I lie back and ask for more,

Word on the street I want ya comin’ tonight,

While your reindeers are out and gettin’ high,

It’s not really like I wished I know,

But I’mma be rubbing your hairy toe,

And who-oo, fatty who knew,

Ooh, hairless freaks aren’t new – oo,

But they’re good at rubbin’ toes,

Living with you – oo, a man of thousand and true,

Badly dressed too, something I might rue – oo,

Then you could just rub my toe,

Aye-enough, I said to the men who followed the star,

Cause of the way I wore lip gloss and played my part,

And made little girls look cynical,

Hey puff, don’t you buy me nothing,

Cause I’m feeling something, your chips on my hips,

And I’m a merry fairy on Christmas,

It’s the most beautiful time of the year,

My coat’s extra furry and I’m feeling queer,

And when you caress me, don’t call me son or bro,

Or try pretending that you’re straight anymore,

And these sure feel like holidays,

When we finally touch home base,

And you quietly shut the door

And come to bed dressed as Dumbledore,

And who – oo, fatty who knew,

That this is what grown men could do – oo,

To little boys who just won’t grow,

Kiss me underneath the mistletoe,

Can’t have your babies, but I love you so-oh,

Oh, oh, oh..

Kiss me underneath the mistletoe,

Every Christmas, I’d like an enc-oh-ore,

Oh, oh, ohh..


Is there a song out there that YOU think has parody potential? Let us know & we’ll feature it next week!

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