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Indie Music Review: Victoria’s Secret by Rohan Solomon is a soothing power ballad

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An Indian rock veteran who served as the lead singer of former Delhi alt-rock outfit Cyanide and the acclaimed audio engineer with a credit on Anderson Paak’s Grammy-winning song Bubblin, Rohan Solomon is back with his latest single called Victoria’s Secret.

Right from the first few seconds, one can figure it’s a smooth and soothing power ballad. The vocals further emulate a sonic environment reminiscent of a 2000s alternative soft rock sound back when bands like Goo Goo Dolls and 3 Doors Down dominated the music charts. In terms of lyrical content, Solmon weaves an amusing narrative of the world view of a person who faces constant pressure on the road to success and glory. The titular Victoria from the song seems to have the cameras flashing at her and the red carpets sweeping under her feet, and yet she’s trapped inside, afraid to be brutally honest with herself and the rest of the world. Maybe, we all crave to have the perfect ‘bourgeoise’ life with the glitz and glamour like Victoria. But somewhere in the pursuit of that life, we tend to lose a part of ourselves.

It’s a theme that Solomon expresses well in this poetic ballad, revealing that his verses do have a great aspect of storytelling to them too. In a soundscape where voices are being chopped and edited continuously to add a dramatic flair, we need more rock songs once in a while like Victoria’s Secret that have a smooth, emotional feel to them

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