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We Demand Change by Rohan Solomon summarises how we’ve Been Feeling this Pandemic

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Singer-songwriter/producer Rohan Solomon is out with his first track of 2021, brimming with the fervent desire for an immediate shift in the ways of the world! Titled “We Demand Change” the track that released on June 15th, 2021, is a culmination of the collective feelings of horror and
desolation, sprinkled with optimism and a call for a better world, that we have all harnessed throughout these testing times of the pandemic.

Sonically, it’s a power ballad, created with percussions of drums, glass clatters, and impactful beats. Rohan starts off with his known style of singing. Everything right from the use of violin, the thumping
beats, the goosebumps-inducing chorus, Solomon’s voice, and the solid lyrics, accentuate the spirit of the song.

You can listen to it while working out, getting ready for an interview, an exam, a crucial pitch or a while making a life-altering decision. If you’re going through turmoil, it’s a must-have, be it social,
political, or emotional. In short, ‘We Demand Change’ is a song for many seasons, surpassing borders, injecting inspiration and the impetus to break free.

It’s a song that speaks up against violence, racism and discrimination of any kind. It’s a song that promotes acceptance. It’s an ode, a beacon for harmony, love and light. Rohan is a Delhi/ New York-based singer-songwriter, composer, vocal coach and audio engineer, all rolled into one, a man who dons many hats. In between the time he spent in his hometown New Delhi and The Big Apple, his love for pop choruses grew along with his reputation of being a ‘conscious songwriter’. The indie artiste from New Delhi also got to play the role of an assistant engineer on the Grammy Award-winning track Bubblin by Anderson Paak.

Verdict: ‘We Demand Change’ is a power ballad encapsulating the collective feeling of the world population.

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