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David Gilmour: 65 years of guitaring excellence

Today, David Gilmour, one of the most acclaimed guitarists of our time, turns 65.


David Gilmour‘s name is synonymous with Pink Floyd, considering that he has been with the band from January 1968 (that’s way before most of you were even born. Or even your parents, for that matter!). His guitaring, his vocals and his overall influence on their songwriting process practically defined the very sound of Pink Floyd that we have come to know and love and swear by.

But he has also set time aside for other projects, besides collaborating with other artists like Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Elton John and others. In 1978, he released his first solo album, aptly titled David Gilmour through Harvest Records. He released About Face in 1984, through the same record label, with notable single “Love On The Air.

In 2006, he came out with On An Island, with the song “Castellorizon” being nominated for a Grammy. Probably the most introspective and polished solo album yet, the most interesting thing about this is that it was recorded in Gilmour’s private studio aboard his houseboat Astoria. How COOL is that? And needless to say, it shows more of Gilmour’s signature guitaring, which, like fine wine, only seems to have gotten better with age. 

Here, he talks a little more about this album:

[youtube_video id=yOqE1f_akno] 

We wish him a very happy birthday, and we ask for nothing more than asking him to continue that which he does best = make more great music.

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