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Rigging it right at the PALM Expo 2012!

If you’re going to be organising a live event soon, there are certain things you have to know – and there’s only one place you can know them.

So you’re a struggling audio engineer, a newbie sound technician, or a pro just looking to broaden your horizons?

Well, there is a lot to offer at the PALM Expo 2012. There are seminars, conferences, stalls, demos, workshops, etc. etc. For now, let’s start with day 1, Seminar 1 – Rigging it right.

We all know what makes any live event great is its sound quality. Hence, on 31st may 2012, 11:00 to 11:30, S. Gopinadhan, (Poncho) of E&E Systems Pvt. Ltd. will take the floor to talk about one of the most crucial elements of any live event – Alignment of the audio system/ rig. For the ill-informed, one of the essential factors of deciding the audio quality of an event is the way the audio system is aligned, and a real time analysis of the audio quality while the rig is in play. With a host of tools available to help deliver the perfect alignment and offer RTA capabilities, these factors have now established themselves as a critical necessity to deliver the perfect audio solution. System Techs, System Engineers, FOH engineers etc. across audio rental companies will greatly benefit from this session, as it promises to enhance their knowledge and intelligence quotient of these aspects.

Chris Martin and Jonathan Mark of Coldplay Live in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 8th of october 2011, where the sound was supposed to be so bad that the audience of 40,000 was left wanting. You don’t this to happen to you, do you? Then be there!

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