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Masala Music for Mundane Monday :: Tamil + Hindi!


I’m a self confessed desi music fan and despite my love for rock and trippy English music, my heart is always desi *cue patriotic conch blow*. So here I give you some Swadesi fodder for your internationally saturated ipods because nothing fires up a mundane Monday like traditional Indian spices.

Here we go in descending order! Tamil + Hindi tracks lie ahead. I suggest you cue your tastes to both considering the recent musical brotherhood that is fostering strong between both woods.

10. Papa – Vettai (Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja and Renu) 


[youtube_video id=wcfBhH4CM7U]


Yuvan Shankar Raja has a special knack when it comes to producing fast kutthu numbers. He isn’t the greatest when it comes to producing more chilled out tracks (most of it is a ctrl +C and ctrl+V) but when it comes to fast numbers he knows how to get those feet tapping. Recently Yuvan has come out with this chartbusting number from the film ‘Vettai’. Newbie Renu and Yuvan have crooned this number and seem to have gotten it right! When you listen to this song in a horrific traffic jam or a crowded train, it will surely reduce your stress levels and make you dance. 

9. Aa Re Pritam Pyare – Rowdy Rathore (Singers: Mamta Sharma and Sarosh Sami) 


[youtube_video id=e3ddIO8W6V4]


This is a cracker from Sajid-Wajid and is sure to be a winner with the desi audience. Sajid and Wajid have this uncanny knack of producing one number which makes you dance every season. The singer Mamta Sharma is a Sajid Wajid regular and has previously crooned chartbusters like Munni Badnam Hui, Anarkali Disco Chali and Tinku Jiya. Get ready to get an overdose of this song for a while from now! Also, catch the music review here!

8. Idhazin Oram – 3 (Singers: Ajeesh and Anirudh Ravichander) 


[youtube_video id=3JxX2LZgkBA]


Anirudh Ravichander is already a superstar courtesy the ultra viral song that gives me nausea even if I say out the name and hence I’m not going to do that. This song is a neat melody by young Anirudh and he has shown us that he is more than a one hit wonder. Ajeesh of Super Singer fame has rendered this song along with Anirudh himself and the song is a welcome relief in the world of random, auto tuned melodies. This does have a wee bit of auto tune but it has been used pretty neatly to showcase the lovely voice of Ajeesh. This number should be in your list to make your morning a whole lot more pleasant.

7. Ambalaikum Pombalaikum – Kazhugu (Singers: Velmurugan, Krishnaraj and Sathyan) 


[youtube_video id=ECaBg9Ty8xg]


Yuvan Shankar Raja is back in the list with this really catchy ‘drunk’ song. The song is a story of men and women in a very SOUP SONG way. With Velmurugan of Otha Sollale fame dominating the vocals in this number, this is for those that appreciate a slow, sober kutthu. Which for some reason, in rustic cinema, only comes during times of bodhai (drunken ness). 

6. Venam Machan – Oru Kal Oru Kannadi (Singers: Naresh Iyer and Velmurgan) 


[youtube_video id=mWR81N8Taz4]

Venam Machan is another one of those songs where the protagonist sings about his hate for love and women. Clichéd as the theme is, the song however is not. The ultra powerful Velmurugan dominates his co-singer and gets the best out of the number. Harris Jayaraj needs to be credited for creating a very catchy number which is currently a rage amongst the youth. The song is a welcome relief from his usual melodies which has 125 new words in every stanza. 

5. Azhaipaya – Kadhalil Sodhapuvadu eppadi (Singers: Harini and Karthik) 


[youtube_video id=8gYvzwmjhOA]


Two absolutely brilliant singers coming together for a lovely melody means you’ve gotten a winner. The in-demand music director Thaman.S has composed the music for Sidharth’s first home production. Harini and Karthik’s voice gel so well together. The music and the voices are just scotch for the ears. Speaking of which…

4. Rum Whiskey – Vicky Donor (Singer: Akshay Verma) 


[youtube_video id=mcQjz3v1qSE]


The music of Vicky Donor has been composed by Akshay Verma and Abhijeeth. The album is neat and has a couple of really good songs and one of them is Rum Whiskey sung by Akshay Verma himself. This song may sound like your average bhangra number but the chorus is really catchy and I’m sure this is going to become a rage in most of the Punjabi weddings and northie nightclubs. Include this in your playlist if you’re the one for a loud and catchy Punjaban number. Music review here!

3. Chokra Jawan – Ishaqzade (Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan and Vishal Dadlani)


[youtube_video id=KDtmnszVJYs]


Amit Trivedi is one of those modern day geniuses. He makes music which caters to today’s audience and he gives them good music. Hard rock, Bhangra, Item number or melody, he has it all. His selection of singers is his biggest strength. Chokra Jawan has two nuke bombs in the form of Vishal and Sunidhi combining to give you one dhamakedaar item number. The song is just the shizz you need to give you a jumpstart with special props to the brass band part in the middle. A detailed music review >> here!

2. Pani Da Rang – Vicky Donor (Singer: Ayushman Khurana) 


[youtube_video id=EiItLWWxgOI]


We all thought that this Ayushman fellow was just one of those wannabes who hosted Roadies but if you actually see the movie and listen to this track, those first impressions stand tested. He is a good actor and a pretty good singer. Abhijeet and Akshay throw you off balance. They compose a superb melody and give it to the lead actor to sing. Although this is a very common Indian phenomenon, the auto tune has saved many people. But Ayushman’s feeling somehow comes across, all of the fancy technology notwithstanding. This is one of those melodies that should make you forget that horrible boss who eats your head on a weekday! 

1. Pareshaan – Ishaqzade (Singer : Shalmali Kholgade) 


[youtube_video id=B6E01IatDm0]


This is just confirmation of Amit Trivedi’s genius. This magical melody by newbie Shalmali Kholgade is sure to blow your mind away. Her lovely voice combined with Amit Trivedi’s neat composition is a great song to start your day with and trust me, nothing can go wrong after you listen to Shalmali’s sensational voice. 

Special Mention: Department – Dan Dan Chikni (Singer: Paroma)

[youtube_video id=atRNvo4KWf8]

This is the song that you should listen to at the worst point of your Monday. It will either frustrate you to give in your papers in a somewhat Rajni + Hulk style or unleash all that pent up frustration in a manner most maniacal. A Brazilian import, Natalia Kaur, fires it up at what seems to be the shadiest masquerade ball of all time featuring many a mysterious maamu. The tune is very, very reminiscent of Tamil classic Aasai Nooru Vagai and although this version holds not even a candle to that sensational number, it is still in the list for Naughty Natty (how we shall henceforth refer to the siren in this number) and the very 2012 tapori beats.

[youtube_video id=W5UURAXGN50]

Do you hear what we hear?

This is not the last of AkriPasta’s posts! Let us know if you like these reccos & we shall keep more coming! And eventually, you will also be told the story behind our Desi Devta’s alias. 

Follow @AkriPasta & stay tuned to for more updates!

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