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‘Rang’: a word- and now a festival that is synonymous with Holi celebrations in India.

The Rang Festival was the first of its kind, started in 2008 by Eventwala. They claim to be the only festival, “which gives you a chance to celebrate Holi with your dear ones while witnessing some of the biggest international artists in a 12 hour musical extravaganza.” Aimed at feeding the ever-increasing electronic music appetite of the youth, Eventwala came up with a fusion of both Holi and the music.

The festival also features a lot of games, rain dance and other activities. It has been a hit with the crowd ever since it started and this year, too, it boasts of a promising line up and loads of music!

Here’s how they describe their festival: Vibrant colors, the best of International and Indian artists, a wide variety of cocktails and a fabulous spread of mouth-watering Holi delicacies, & mind blowing visuals, together form the most loved Holi festival “Rang “.

Here’s more about what is to be expected:

Genre of the festival Electronic- A dip in various sub-genres of electronic music; Where An annual electronic musical festival held in 32nd Milestone, Delhi

When : 24th March 2016

Entry To attend the event, please contact: + 91 11- 49063966 | +91

This year’s line-up includes

•    Beckers [D-Nox & Beckers]: Germany

         Hypnoise: Spain

         Breger: Germany

         Ruiz Sierra: Hungary

         Calm Chor: India

         SUN: India

         StarLab: India

         ShivaMoon: India

         Vaeya: India


Two Stages | Over 24 top International & Indian talents

         Nishan: Nepal

         Virus: India

         Vial: India

         Bass Pilots: India

         Mr. Red: India

         Murklin: India

         Vinay: India

         Vial: India

         Hamza: India

         Spiritual Demons: India

         TOP Vs Lusid: India

         Rohan Kale: India

         Uday Dass: India

         Gauge: India

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