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Kolkata saw an upsurge in the number of youth theatre productions the past few years.

Since 2007, the graph for theatre and music scene in the city shows a steep upward curve.

Among the first festivals of the area, is the Kolkata Youth Theatre Festival, started in 2014. It is organised by Shriek of Silence, a theatre group itself.

“From premiering their own productions to inviting other youth groups to participate and also involving full time theatre professionals, Kolkata Youth Theatre Festival 2014 is a hallmark in the city of joy which has always been known as the cultural capital of India.”

Last year, the month long festival had a lot of groups performing, namely Gujob, Koli-Kotha, Bodnaam Urotaar and Moromiya along with older ones like Lok and S.O.S, covering a range of issues from friendship and social identities to religious hatred and women’s emancipation. Shriek of Sounds had put up a musical of Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

This year’s set also includes musical performances like T.R.A.P. and a few musicals. The headlining act for the second day is by Lakhan Das Baul, the well renowned Bolpur singer. This is shaping up to be an event of some promise. It includes 50 acts, including musicals and bands within a span of 15 days. Here’s the link to follow up on the important dates and performances:

(Quotes from OnSpon)

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