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Rajiv Sundaresan’s Bas Yahin captures the melancholia that follows heartbreak: Score Indie Reviews

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The producer/composer duo Salim and Suleiman Merchant has been doing a stellar job in offering a much-needed platform to rising indie artists in the country. The latest case in point is the mellow heartbreak song Bas Yahin by Rajiv Sundaresan who also produced the track.

Rather than following a conventional light acoustic strumming pattern, he explores the subject matter with a slight tinge of electronica helming his smooth vocals. Nyzel Dilma’s guitars add some more groove in the track with the overall package sounding familiar yet emotive enough to be a good song in its own right. 

The lyrics are penned by KC Loy and evoke a sense of sorrow given how the protagonist’s partner has left them. But rather than just covering the deprivation of love, Loy also gets into the philosophical notion of how partners can complete each other in more than just the romantic sense. And now with the lover gone, the lyrics can only ponder upon the good times and contrasting it with the present state of loss and longing. 

The final takeaway of Bas Yahin remains to be that such situations definitely break us but they also tend to make us into who we are today, making us learn from the mistakes of the post. It does sound preachy on paper, but the relaxing production helps Sundaresan to slightly subvert the familiar notions of heartbreak. 

No matter how cliched the themes of love and loss might seem, one cannot deny that these themes are here to stay in independent music either because of the marketability or the general relatability. Whatever be the inspiration behind Bas Yahin, it still makes for a sweet song to unwind to on a stormy day. 

Verdict: Bas Yahin ambiently describes the longing of a broken lover. 

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