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Jeremiah de Rozario delivers instant goodness with Dear Us: Score Indie Reviews

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Jeremiah de Rozario’s new single Dear Us can draw comparisons not only between Indian acoustic-pop singers but also Western artists such as Damien Rice and Gregory Alan Isakov. For some listeners, the latter statement might seem like an exaggeration but de Rozario is definitely on his way of overcoming the slice-of-life cliches that have somehow oversaturated the unplugged department of pop music. 

Lyrically, the singer relies on simplicity. He doesn’t seem to stand out with some sophisticated thoughts but instead just focuses on the little things along with a reassurance that every storm will be followed by a calmness. To put it in a nutshell, Dear Us tells us that ‘everything will be okay’. It will be a generalisation and the pain that people go through (especially in the post-pandemic era) is obviously subjective. 

But Dear Us just attempts to simplify the bigger picture and can be enjoyed by a few who wish to plug in their earphones and listen to a relaxing tune that doesn’t require much Greymatter to interpret. 

The gentle, ambient guitaring along with de Rozario’s crooning (particularly the ‘ohs’ towards the song’s third act) delivers an instant dose of optimism. As mentioned earlier, the song can sound derivative with comparisons from both the Indian and Western folk/pop scene. However, the similarities only work in his favor as it gives the song a familiar warmth. 

Listen to it while waking up in the morning, cycling, or just taking a walk when the weather is nice. Jeremiah de Rozario’s Dear Us is that kind of song. If acoustic strumming-driven, ‘inspirational’ pop is no longer your cup of tea, then you might just ignore it. But for everyone else, the track might just make your day. 

Verdict: Familiar charm but warm enough to make your day. 

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